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Audrey Lee is an Egleston Scholar honors student at Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. She builds 3D printed robotic prosthetic limbs for kids! Her passion for engineering and medical biology inspired her to design and implement a variety of projects from robotic prosthetic hands to implantable biomedical devices. After learning of the staggering costs of motorized prosthetic limbs, she dedicated her research to designing and implementing low-cost appendages offering the same functionalities using affordable materials. Audrey hopes to explore her creativity and continue research at the intersection of biology and engineering as a biomedical engineer in her undergraduate studies.
What is Exponential Education?
Exponential Education is an open source education framework and curriculum for learning, solving and building through 10x thinking and projects. The curriculum is centered around Exponential Sprints, which encourages children to realize and build 10x solutions to some of humanity's most difficult challenges.
What is Exponential?
Exponential is not just another way of saying big idea. It's a project that addresses a huge problem, proposes a high-value and impactful solution, and has a high-level of technical complexity in implementation. It takes a particular type of fresh, ambitious thinking to even conceive of an exponential, and it's something kids are naturally attuned to.
Who can use the curriculum?
Exponential Education is free and open source, and any school program can implement it. The curriculum is flexible and can be applied to a full-time school year, a single class, after-school programs, or even a weekend or conference experience.

How can I learn more?
We are currently in the development and pilot stage and the content is draft. We are working with schools and programs in New York City to pilot and implement, starting with Exponential Sprints (developed by Team Exponent. The open source curriculum is being hosted on GitHub.
Exponential Sprint Guide
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"Kids can build our most impactful
10x solutions"